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WiFEE and THE HUZz BAND to debut worldwide on Sirius XM Radio.


How does it feel to have a song selected to air as ‘Coolest Song in the World’ on a radio station that broadcasts to 1.2 million listeners in North America as well as to 190+ other countries worldwide including Voice of America and the American Forces Network? WiFEE and THE HUZz BAND is about to find out.


Sirius XM Satellie Radio is arguably the largest satellite radio broadcaster in the world. With over 200 stations transmitting 24/7 worldwide it boasts nearly 30 million subscribers who have sought greater satisfaction from satellite’s specialized programming over local stations plagued with limited (and controlled) selections and an annoying saturation of advertising.


Several music legends (Ozzy Osbourne, Willie Nelson, Tom Petty, Neil Diamond, to name a few) have carved out a piece of this satellite frontier for themselves; to broadcast their own music (some unreleased or alternate takes) in addition to other artists they feel deserving of airplay.


Legendary musician, songwriter, actor, activist Little Steven (of Bruce Springsteen’s E Street Band, The Soprano’s, Lilly Hammer, etc.) still remains the only Content Creator to have two 24/7 channels of all original content: Little Steven’s Underground Garage (Sirius XM 21) and the Outlaw Country channel (Sirius XM 60)


Since their inception, it has always been apparent that it was a matter of time before WiFEE and THE HUZz BAND exploded on to grander horizons and now that time is here: WiFEE and THE HUZz BAND are going global.


But that’s not it, Sturgeon Bay, WI will also be going along for the ride.


“She Won’t Go,” the song chosen to be featured as ‘Coolest Song In The World,’ was written at The Holiday Music Motel in 2012 during Steel Bridge Songfest (writers are Ruby James, Stephen Cooper and Delaney Davidson), was produced by pat mAcdonald (founder, co-owner and Creative Director for The Holiday Music Motel, Steel Bridge Songfest and Steel Bridge Radio) and recorded, mixed and mastered by Steve Hamilton (Holiday co-owner and chief recording engineer).


The song will begin airing on terrestrial radio the weekend of July 10 and then go into heavy rotation on Little Steven’s Underground Garage (Sirius 21) starting the week of July 13.


Proudly declaring Sturgeon Bay to be her new home, Ruby James (aka. WiFEE) will also be in a featured interview talking about the song, their beginnings and where things are evolving for her, partner Stephen Cooper (“THE HUZz”) and their 10 piece band.


If you are not a current Sirius Radio subscriber, a free 30 day trial is offered through the Sirius XM website (http://www.siriusxm.com) or through downloadable aps offered in the Apple Store and Google Play.


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